Firearms Training

During my time as a Ranger I was afforded the opportunity to attend several instructor development schools and to teach with a world class firearms training cadre. My passion on the range is working on the combat triad of Mindset - Gun Handling - Marksmanship.  From new shooters to those more experienced looking to sharpen their pistol technique, I offer an intimidation-free training atmosphere.  Need a class for a concealed weapons permit application, or some basic drills to do on your own, or maybe even more advanced techniques? Let me help, and if I can't - I'll pair you up with someone who can.  

Basic Pistol Classes start at $105 a student, include both a classroom and live fire range portion. We have a standing range night 2nd Saturday of the month for pistol shooter development. Rental guns available, so you can try before you buy.

Send inquiries on availability to:

Dan Rieves